Course Coding System - Trinity Ontario High School

Course Coding System

The course code of all courses at the Trinity Ontario High School consists of a fivecharacter code as designated by the Ministry of Education and Training in Ontario:

1. The first three characters represent the course descriptor/subject e.g.
ENG stands for English.

2. The fourth character refers to the grade level:

1 = grade 9 2 = grade 10 3 = grade 11 4 = grade 12

3. The fifth character refers to the type of course (as will be defined on the following pages):

D = Academic P = Applied U = University
M = University/College C = College O = Open E = Workplace


For example:

MPM1D, Principles of Mathematics

  • MPM: Math Principles Math (Course Descriptor)
  • 1: Grade 9 (Grade)
  • D: Academic (Course Type)
  • Principles of Mathematics (Course Title)

Another example would be SBI3U which expounded refers to:

  • The course descriptor being, Science Biology.
  • The grade being, 11 (i.e., 3 – Grade 11)
  • The course type being, University (i.e., U – University).
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