Course Assessment - Trinity Ontario High School

Course Assessment

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Students of the OSSD online program would submit their assignments through the OSSD online portal. Teachers of the program would evaluate and grade the assignments according to the curriculum assessment guidelines developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students can review the grade and feedback from the teacher from the online portal.

  • The instructor will be assigned to each course before class starts
  • Students would download the assignment from the online portal after class and submit their completed work back to the portal. Each assignment has its own submission page with instructions.
  • Teachers will evaluate with feedback and grade the assignments through the online portal
  • Students will review the grade and teacher’s feedback in the online portal. If needed, students can communicate with the instructor in the portal
  • Assessment and evaluation are followed by the assessment guidelines developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education set the assessment criteria for each online course. The OSSD online education team follows the criteria to evaluate each student in the course and provide feedback for improvements.

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